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HAMCO will always place the client’s needs first, we will dedicate ourselves to achieve our maximum potential as a company while helping rebuild the nation of Iraq. We will develop new strategies to overcome any difficulties our customers may face in this challenging and always changing business environment.

Hilal Al Majd Company(HAMCO) was established by owner Ammar Wadi Arif and Managing Partner Vincent E. Hill in Joun of 2004. Their goal was to serve the Iraqi and US Military, with services that would help to bring at least change to the Nation of Iraq.

HAMCO provided a wide range of services from Cargo Transportation, Heavy Construction and Procurement of Goods and Services for a variety of clients. We employ over 100 Iraqi Skilled workers with a full spectrum of skills to choose from. Our workers are second to none in expertise, dedication, and workmanship. Our Field Supervisor and Foreman have years of experience getting the job done in timely and fiscally responsible manner. We also have a very good working relationship with the Sons Of Iraq(SOI) organization and we utilize this great Iraqi workforce extensively.

HAMCO has a resource two US Contractors in Vincent E. Hill(Managing Partner) and Alberto Valdez(Business Development). They combine for over Ten(10) Years of on the ground experience here in Iraq and Afghanistan both are Retired Military and know their way around the contractual and military offices and the red tape that tends to delay projects and/or payments. They have unique access to the offices that can get the projects moving and completed with minimal complications.

HAMCO is expanding into the building of Cellular Communications Towers for Microwave and Fiber Optic Communications for the US military, as well as providing Force Protection Barriers(Scud Bunker, Texas Barriers, and T-walls) that are produced by our own highly skilled Concrete Masons to Military Specifications.

HAMCO has performed Cargo Transportation Movements for the US Military Material Command utilizing large numbers Trailers, Low-boys, and Vehicle heads in PSD Guarded Road Convoys. We have transported Trucked Vehicles, Living Trailers, Heavy Generators, and Supply Conex just to name a few. We will deliver in a timely manner to any geographical area in Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey or Jordan.
HAMCO has hundreds of trucks at our disposal; Semi-Trailers, Low-boys (large &small), Cargo Trailers, Refrigerated Trailers, and Dump Trucks of all sizes. Our drivers have years of experience driving the roads of Iraq. They drive in all road conditions with or without PSD convoys. They have proven themselves time after time under the most strenuous conditions imaginable. Our drivers are always professional and courteous, and know the finer points of US Military Convoy Movements.

HAMCO takes great pride in never having lost a shipment under fire. We have always delivered our cargo to its’ final destination no matter what the obstacles. You can rest assured that we will treat your cargo as if our lives depend on it. This is the promise and commitment you will receive from a HAMCO led Transportation Convoy.

HAMCO has performed Heavy Construction projects for the US Military on and off base. We have a large fleet of Heavy Equipment that can tackle any size construction job. We specialize in FOB and LSA construction, as well as Hard Structure Steel Beam designed buildings. We have a staff of highly trained Engineers that can plan and execute a Design/Build contract for the ground up, with little lead time.

HAMCO is the Primary Sub-Contractor for Gulf Banks Company in completing Multiple US Military ForwordOoperating Bases, some that mobilized over Ninety(90) Twelve(12) meter Living Trailers. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in every task that we undertake.

HAMCO has entered into the exciting field if Microwave and Fiber Optic Communication Towers for the US Military. We have just completed a Thirty(30) Meter Tower on Victory Base Complex for OIFNET-Fast Iraq, will be building 30m through 60m Towers in Tikrit, Basra, Tadji, and Camp Liberty.

HAMCO has added these Comms Towers to our Force Protection Towers that we construct for perimeter security for FOB and COB security reinforcement. The USACE have used our Tower Designs to further protect the Iraqi and US Military compounds. We always strive to produce the best possible end product, because we know that lives depend on our commitment to excellence.

HAMCO has the ability and resources to produce High Quality Reinforced Concrete Force Protection Barriers that meet or exceed US Military specifications. We easily upgraded existing systems and/or created a new layout for your Force Protection Barriers to meet any of your security needs in the RED or GREEN Zones of Iraq.

These Barriers can be further augmented by filled HESCO or Sandbags to increase the protection for the Military and Civilian personnel that rely on these crucial force protection measures.

HAMCO can produce large quantities of our barriers to meet any schedule our clients may have. We put the same care and craftsmanship into each barrier we produce, regardless of the quantities needed. Our Quality Assurance/Quality Control teams work around the clock during production, constantly taking samples and measurements to ensure that only the finest materials go into the production of our Barriers.

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